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Levonorgestrel Tablette
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Levonorgestrel Tablette

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Modell:  TBL0061


Modell Nr .: TBL0061 Produkt: Levonorgestrel Tablette Indikationen: (1) Isoniazid und andere Anti-Tb-Medikamente für Behandlungs-Haltbarkeit: Drei Jahre Paket: Wir können als Ur-Anforderung oder können unsere eigenen PAC Spezifikation: OEM / GMP Item Name: Levonorgestrel Tabletteigenschaften: Weiß oder Weiß Film Kategorie Pharmazeutische Form: Tabletten Lagerung: Nicht über 25c aufbewahren. Shop in der ursprünglichen PAC Anmerkung: Soem vorhanden Ursprung: China Levonorgestrel Tablette

Technische Daten
1. Diclofenac Tablette (Relieftablette), GMP zugelassen
2. Gute Qualität und guter Preis.
3. fertige Medizin.
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Levonorgestrel tablet


white or white film category.


(1) isoniazid and other anti-TB drugs for treatment of various types of tuberculosis, including tuberculous meningitis and other mycobacterial infections.
(2) isoniazid alone applicable to all types of TB prevention:
newly diagnosed TB patients family members or close contacts;
test tuberculin purified protein derivative (PPD) strongly positive chest X-ray examination at the same time meet the non-progressive tuberculosis, sputum negative, in the past had not received regular anti-TB treatment;
patients undergoing immunosuppressive drugs or long-term hormone therapy, certain blood diseases or reticuloendothelial system diseases (such as leukemia, Hodgkin's disease), diabetes, uremia, silicosis or gastrectomy and other patients whose TB Prime purified protein derivative test was positive reaction;
35 age of patients test positive tuberculin purified protein derivative;
known or suspected HIV infection, its PPD test was positive responders, or patients with active tuberculosis have close contacts.


Prevention: Adult day 0.3g (3 pieces), Dayton clothing; children daily weight 10mg / kg, day total does not exceed 0.3g (3 pieces), Dayton clothing.


Adult and other anti-TB drugs, according to body weight daily oral 5mg / kg, up to 0.3g (3 pieces); or daily 15mg / kg, maximum 900mg (9 pieces), 2 to 3 times a week. Children under weight daily 10 ~ 20mg / kg, per day no more than 0.3g (3 pieces), Dayton clothing. Some children with severe tuberculosis (eg tuberculous meningitis), daily weight of up to 30mg / kg (maximum daily dose 500mg (5 )), but pay attention to the occurrence of liver dysfunction and peripheral neuritis.

Adverse reactions

The incidence of many who have unsteady gait or numbness tingling, burning or finger pain (peripheral neuropathy); dark urine, yellowing of the eyes or skin (liver toxicity, liver toxicity in patients over 35 years old increased incidence) ; poor appetite, unusual fatigue or weakness, nausea or vomiting (liver toxicity of prodromal symptoms). The incidence of very few who have blurred vision or vision loss, associated or not with eye pain (optic neuritis); fever, rash, cytopenia and male breast development. This product may cause neurotoxicity caused even twitch.


liver function is not normal, the mentally ill and disabled patients with epilepsy.
(1) cross-allergic reactions, p-ethyl amine isonicotinoyl, pyrazinamide, nicotinic acid or other chemical structure of drug allergies may be allergic to the chemicals.
(2) interfere with the diagnosis: urine determination of copper sulfate method showed a false positive reaction, but does not affect the results of the enzymatic assay. Isoniazid can serum bilirubin, alanine aminotransferase aspartate aminotransferase increased measured values.
(3) mental illness, epilepsy, severe renal dysfunction should be used with caution.
(4) If in the course of optic neuritis symptoms, eye examination should be carried out immediately, and regularly reviewed.
(5) isoniazid poisoning when large doses of vitamin B6 can be used against.

Pregnant and lactating women

(1) It can cross the placenta, leading to fetal blood concentrations higher than the maternal plasma concentration. Animal experiments confirmed that isoniazid can cause stillbirth, but not yet confirmed in humans, the application must be fully weighed against pregnant women. When combined with other drugs isoniazid fetal effects has not been elucidated. In addition, the newborn medication should be closely observed adverse reactions.
(2) isoniazid in breast milk concentrations of up to 12mg / L, and plasma concentrations similar; although in humans has not been proven there is a problem, the application should still be fully weigh the nursing period. Such as medication are advised to stop breastfeeding.

Pediatric Use

Dosage in strict accordance with the child to use.

Geriatric Use

patients over 50 years the FDA to cause higher incidence of hepatitis.

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